Bombay Brasserie Indian Restaurant London Review: Best Indian Food Fine Dining & Family Sunday Buffet Kensington SW7


Since 1982 the Bombay Brasserie restaurant in Kensington just off the Gloucester Road has been the top hotspot for the finest Indian food in London. Perfect for parties, birthday celebrations, wedding receptions, romantic dinners and indeed simply to enjoy a night out, Its glamorous atmosphere and excellent cuisine has an adoring clientele that has kept the flame burning.

The Bombay Brasserie Celebrity A list Diners

The brightest star in the Indian foodie firmament this elegant and stylish restaurant has a Hollywood fan club which includes Nicole Kidman,Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn and Tom Hanks; with a generous seasoning of Brits spiced up by Mick Jagger, scarey Sir Anthony Hopkins, saucy Sir Elton and garnished with royal curry lover Prince Charles. Last but certainly not least the ubiquitous food critic and raconteur Michael Winner not only praises the Bombay Brasserie in print but puts his money where his mouth is and throws his annual party there.

London’s Most Famous Indian Restaurant

The Bombay Brasserie has long been extremely sophisticated and stylish but since its renovation in March 09 it has become more opulent and Executive Chef Prahlad Hegde’s masterful talents offers a fresh and new gourmet menu that partners traditional favourites with original and innovative dishes still holding true to the flavours of the North and South of India.

Sophisticated and Elegant

High ceilings with huge dazzling chandeliers glitter in the spacious main room furnished with large round tables and comfortable seating. Smartly clad waiters in white jackets appear bursting through the kitchen swing doors proudly bearing large trays of temptingly laden food.This is not the sort of place you want to rush in for a take-away Chicken Balti!

The Bombay Brasserie’s Conservatory is Lively and Relaxed

Less formal but equally inviting is the restaurant’s airy conservatory room; an open-plan area furnished with comfortable seating and plump sofas and a chef’s counter where diners can learn the culinary art of preparing delicious Indian recipes, though it might take a couple of visits and a surreptitious pen and notepad under the table to jot down methods and ingredients.

Delicious cocktails including the Bombay Brasserie’s signature Bellini, champagne with fragrant fresh peach juice and a bracing Manhatten prove an excellent welcome for diners. Diners can choose to have their drinks served in the intimate bar with chilli infused nuts and olives or directly at their table with delicate nibbles of tiny swirls of poppadoms and minature rice badminton racquets with a central dip of the lightest and fruities smoked tomato preparing the pallette for the sumptuos feast to follow.

A Top Indian Eatery Serving Gourmet Vegetarian Dishes

Having chosen the starters from the menu the food swiftly arrive in a colourful procession. Succulent scallops on tomato chutney with a mild hint of curry enhance these tender bites without smothering their own distinctive flavour. To follow, some of the Bombay Brasserie’s sensational vegetarian dishes: Lal Mirch Ka Paneer Tikka, homemade cottage cheese flavoured with Gunter chilly; the firm consistency and creamy taste of the cheese is thrillingly spicey, tingling the taste buds into a merry dance. Then the fork dips into a creamy soft, sweet apricot and potato cakes with tamarind chutney.

With the exciting explosion of the peppery crabmeat the temperature rises again and then finally the sweetest journey on the magic carpet is Palak Pakodi Chaat; a heavenly dish of crispy baby spinach, creamy yoghurt and mango chutney.

Main Courses on the Bombay Brasserie Menu

Choosing the monkfish wrapped in Bombay Brasserie Times is more out of curiosity than a particular fancy. Aesthetically pleasing the white fillets are presented wrapped in parchment in the centre of the newspaper covering the dish. Perhaps the spices were a little too powerful as the delicacy of the white flesh seems to be lost but then again other diners might not find this so.

However this reviewer’s guest found the Dum Ki Nalli; slow cooked lamb shanks in a delicate saffron curry both appetising in its presentation and equally gratifying to bury the tender and aromatic meat in the creamy and fragrant mint-infused Cucumber Raita .The Dal tempered yellow lentils which is more like a sauce acts as a perfect compliment to the vegetarian dishes especially the fluffy Basmati rice. For dessert Chikki Kulfi; nougat ice cream or a refreshing Alphonso Mango Sorbet and mint tea signals the end to this delightful gourmet experience.

The Taj International Hotel’s Bombay Brasserie with its excellent staff and wonderful cuisine skillfully managed by Director of Operations Arun Harnal has this reviewer’s top recommendation. Culinary Travel is looking forward to experiencing the Sunday Buffet especially the childrens chocolate fountain!

The Bombay Brasserie can be found at 140 Courtfield Place Courtfield Road, London SW7 4QH. For reservations call 020 73704040. Average price £50 per person plus service. The Sunday buffet is £22 per person and it is advised to book in advance. There is no charge for children under five and between five and ten years of age the food is half price.


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