Four Tips to Increase Muscle Mass Easily


You have joined a fitness center with a goal to increase lean muscle mass in your body, then make sure to eat healthy calories. Healthy eating and lifting heavy weights are two pillars of bodybuilding. Generally, people cannot make a difference between weight gain and muscle gain. When your body weight increases, your muscle mass and fat percentage also increases with it. On the other hand, increasing lean mass means you gain muscles only. Lean muscle mass is considered healthy because it is free from fat. If you are consuming a good amount of calories and burning all the consumed calories, then it will be difficult for you to increase muscle mass. You need to consume slightly more calories to increase muscle percentage in your body. Find out the availability of OrganonDeca-Durabolin in Australia.

Find out your maintenance requirements

Before starting your fitness regime, it is imperative to find out how much calories your body requires on a daily basis. It includes everything you do from morning until you retire to bed. In case you cannot understand how much calories you require, then it will be I loved this difficult for you to get positive results.

Add 100-250 calories

Every day you are supposed to consume slightly more calories if you consume too much, then it will not benefit. As far as building new muscles are concerned, your body has a limit and it cannot develop muscles beyond the limit. So all the excess calories which you consume with the goal to increase muscle mass will add fat percentage in your body.

If you want to increase one pound of bodyweight in a week, then you have to consume around 3500 calories. You want to increase your muscle mass, but at the same time want to keep your body free from fat. Experts opine that if you target to achieve 1 to 3 pounds in a month, then it is easily achievable. Male bodybuilders can target to achieve 3 pounds in 30 days, whereas women can target to achieve 1 pound in a month.

Monitor your progress

If you know how much calories you are in need of for muscle gain, then this is the right time to start your journey. Keeping a track of your progress will help you to understand weak points in your strategy. If you realize after a month that you are not getting desired results, you can increase your calorie intake or protein percentage in your diet. You can also take health supplements for quick results and ask your physician about Organon Deca-Durabolin in Australia.


Reevaluation always helps you when your progress comes to a standstill. Hitting a plateau where you cannot increase your muscle mass is a common phenomenon and every bodybuilder face this situation. This is the time when you have to act wisely, take an informed decision based on your record.

Only eating properly will not help you to deal with this problem, you need to change your exercises also. Include new exercises in your regime to shock your body and get constant results.


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