The most common chiropractor Miami treatment techniques

Side view of a male chiropractor doing neck adjustment

Each disease requires special chiropractic techniques. During past times, one of the most effective types of treatment was shock technique. During the procedure, the chiropractor hit the joint area. The quick and sharp movement helped to remove the blockage, restoring the joint’s mobility. But, if the procedure isn’t properly performed, it could harm the patient’s health. That is why the shock method of therapy isn’t currently in use.

Today, there are three main techniques of treatment: manipulation, mobilization, soft.


The impulsive or otherwise manipulative technique consists of strict moves on the affected area. This method is used by the osteopath in the treatment of spinal or joints’ diseases. As a result of this techniques, the mobility of the joint is restored instantly, and certain bones of the spine return to the “correct channel”.

During the intervention, there may be slight clicks. Cracking in this area appears due to salt deposition. In most cases, such cracks are not followed by the pain. The chiropractor Miami doesn’t use force during this technique.

Manipulation technique helps to normalize the movement of blood, relieves spasms in the muscles, eliminates pain in the back and neck. To keep the muscles click here fixed in the correct position, the interval between sessions should be 2-3 days.


Mobilization technique is based on a series of stretch marks, rotations and tractions that help restore normal amplitude of motion in the joints. Influencing on the affected area, the chiropractor Miami increases the distance between the joint surfaces, thereby restoring their mobility. All the chiropractor’s actions are slow and smooth. This caution is necessary to avoid injuries to soft tissues.

Such an effect helps to normalize the movement of blood through large and small vessels. In addition, the delivery of nutrient components to the tissue is improved, the metabolism is restored.

This method of action helps to relax the muscles, eliminating the pinched nerves. Mobilization technology is often used for long-term stresses, emotional overloads, and hypodynamia.

Soft techniques

The modern soft techniques are divided into post-isometric muscle relaxation and traction technique. The method of post-isometric muscle relaxation is based on relaxing a certain group of muscles, stretching soft tissues, eliminating excess tone and removing painful sensations.

The chiropractor smoothly stretches the soft tissues in a certain direction. At this time, the patient slightly strains the muscles, followed by a gradual relaxation. The procedure needs to be repeated several times. Post-isometric relaxation of muscles is a gentle but at the same time highly effective method of strengthening the musculoskeletal system.

Traction technique is a special technique for manual therapy, based on the extension of the spine. The chiropractor Miami performs this technique with the help of a special equipment – a traction table. This technique is used in the treatment of:

–    deforming arthrosis of the shoulder, ankle, knee and hip joints

–    osteochondrosis of the spine with the radicular syndrome

–    incorrect posture, scoliosis

–    spinal traumas

The chiropractor Miami sets up the traction table for a special program. During the procedure, the painful area of the spine is affected. During such treatment, a dosed discrepancy of two adjacent vertebrae occurs. Most patients who receive such treatment experience improvement, the pain passes, and it becomes easier to walk.


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