Things you must know to be a successful Dog breed selector


Have you been looking to become a successful dog breed selector? Well than you must want to stop and have a look at this article! We have answers to everything you would possibly want to know about Dogs, their breeds and what it would take for you to become a successful dog breed selector!
Domestic Dogs

The English word ‘Dog’ originates from the Middle English term “Dogge”. The expression dog in language is commonly used to refer to Domestic as well as untamed dogs. The native origin of dogs is not clear in history. The genome sequence of dogs however gives the notion that dogs, gray wolves and an extinct species of wolf, all emerged at the same time on the face of earth.

Known Dog Breeds

Mostly people think that all dogs are the same and simple just dogs. The maximum they think is that there would be 5-10 breeds of dogs. Many readers will be left astonished to find out that a grand total of 198 breed of dogs exist on planet earth and who knows, maybe there is another new breed being discovered as we speak! So yes, to become a good and successful Dog breed selector out of this lot is much of a task.

Size and Weight

Dogs are very variable in their size and weight and differ from one breed to another. Recorded history reveals that the largest known dog was an English Mastiff which weighed 155.6 kg while the tallest dog is a Great Dane that stands 106.7 cm.

Most Popular Dog breeds

  • In the years 1904-1935, the Boston terrier was constantly seen as a people’s favorite.
  • The German shepherd replaced the terrier as a favorite in the year 1925 and till this day remains to be very popular.
  • The crown of longest undisputed reigning breed of Dogs hands down goes to Poodles; that have been treasured by general public for a strong 22 years! (1960-1982)
  • Years passed and trends changed. Not only fashion trends but hilariously, animal trends as well. In present times, the Labrador retriever tops the most popular dogs chart. It is closely followed by the German shepherd and poodles (all sizes) who have maintained their self-worth and admiration amongst people.

Dog Breed Selection

Dog breed selection is an extensive and responsible process because you are not only going to choose a dog for yourself but also choose an owner for the dog to live with. So it is very important that a few key factors are always kept in mind when you seek to adopt a dog. Dog Breed selection like everything else has become extremely easy and accessible. Now you don’t have to make time out of your busy routine to visit a shop and get the details regarding the dog that interests you. You are a few clicks away from the dog of your dreams. You just need to keep in mind a few important things before you can select the breed that well suits with your personality and living mannerism.

  • Your residence – the environment you provide your dog with will have a great impact on the sort of relationship you are able to build with it.
  • Your area – Dogs like humans, have preferences. Some dogs are more easily adaptable to change and bigger cities than others.
  • Will you be able to keep your dog safe? This should be a major concern for you before you chose your dog because a dogs’ responsibility is as big as a child’s and keeping it safe and warm at home at all times could sometimes seem like daunting task.
  • Do you have garden? If yes, then what is its size? This is just as important as the size of your house because while some dogs will prefer the indoors others will require more space and enjoy travelling in and out as per their will.
  • How much time will you have to share with your dog? Dogs are known for their loyalty and they expect some back too. That is just the ways it works for them. While some dogs are quieter and can stay alone for hours on end, others require more time, more attention and more love. So this should be on your checklist as well before you opt your dog breed because you wouldn’t want to commit to something more than you can handle!



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