The best applications to watch movies online

The best applications to watch movies online

Who has not happened that has nothing to do on a Saturday night, and does not feel like leaving home. A good alternative to pass the time is to search and watch movies online. But, which applications are the best to do it? Are there free applications or do I need to be registered? Here we have a list of some of them with their respective characteristics that will help you to have a fun time, just having a computer or a mobile phone connected to the internet.

YouTube is the most popular application for watching movies online. While it is true the playing time is limited and chances are that you have to watch the movie in parts, you will almost certainly find the one you want. The application is very simple to use, either in the browser or downloading the same mobile application, simply search for the movie you want by placing your name in the search box, and YouTube will show you the matches; Choose the one you want and go! To enjoy.
If you have a mobile phone, it is very easy to download the YouTube application. If your phone has Android, the app is downloaded from the Play Store or following this address, If you have an iPhone, the application is free and you can download it from iTunes
Online movies application allows you to play online movies, subdivided into categories for your best search. The News section allows you to view the latest titles added to the movie catalog, also providing the possibility to view the original movie formats. A great advantage for cinephiles and true connoisseurs of the seventh art.
There are times when you want to download free movies and not just watch them, as you may not have a permanent connection to the internet but you want to watch movies at another time without needing to be connected. There are also applications that will help you in this difficult but not complicated task, below we will comment on some applications to download free movies.
In YT HD Manager there are many videos in high quality format, and this application allows us to download them. Although it takes more space, the definition of the image is very good. How does it work? It is very simple, just copy the path of the video link of this platform, open the application and paste the link. Then you must choose the format in which you want to download (standard or HD) and also the type of file, can be avi or free mp4 movies that are compatible with iPhone and iPod. The advantage of this application is its simplicity and speed, besides the versatility since the whole process is done from the same window. So, do not wait any longer and try these applications for PCs and mobiles that will help you to spend a fun time without having to leave your house.

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