The Healing Power of Tiger Eye Gemstone

The Healing Power of Tiger Eye Gemstone

If there is one semi-precious stone that is widely celebrated for both its aesthetic qualities as well as its healing power, it is the Tiger Eye Gemstone. This yellow, partly translucent stone with streaks of gold was used by Ancient Egyptians as a talisman. The stone was highly perceived to hold both the powers of the sun god Ra as well as the earth deity, Geb. It is also closely linked to the magical animal, tiger, perhaps because of its colors.

Healing properties

Those looking to make custom jewelry made from the Tiger Eye Gemstone are probably enamored by its physical appearance. Unknown to most, it is also helpful because of its healing properties.

It is said that the gemstone helps to balance energies, allowing the wearer to see beyond common illusions. In other words, it is highly believed to bring about wisdom, especially in situations where changes, often life-changing ones, could occur.

Most have worn the Tiger Eye Gemstone as an antidote to malice, ill wishes of people who could be jealous of the wearer’s good fortune, and curses in general.

It is said to bring prosperity and good fortune to those who wear and believe in its powers.

Worn as jewelry

When worn as a Custom Jewelry, the Tiger Eye Gemstone makes for an attractive bracelet, especially when it is in in its circular bead form. Less regular forms of the gemstone could be worn as a pendant, close to the heart and wrapped in gold or rose gold wire.

The Tiger Eye can also be worn as a ring. Depending on the size of the stone, it can be worn as a cocktail ring, It’s an attractive accessory to have especially when one is wearing earth tones.

Some jewelers also create attractive earrings from smaller, regular-shaped variants of the gemstone. If you would like to see a gemstone similar in composition but different in color, you might want to look into the Cat Eye Gemstone.

Charging your Crystal

While one does not need to believe in the healing powers of the Tiger Eye Gemstone to wear it as a piece of jewelry, it does help to know how to recharge your crystals, just for good luck.

It is believed that crystals, in general, absorb the energies of the wearer as well. Much like the clear quartz, it is recommended to energize your Tiger Eye by putting it under clear, running water, then letting it bathe under the sun for a few hours. It’s sure to recharge it and make it more potent as a talisman if this is done regularly.

Those who use the crystal for meditation purposes should do this regularly to make sure the energies in oneself and the stone are balanced out.

Caring for your stone

To make sure that the stone retains its forms, avoid wearing the stone during any contact sport. Perfumes and cosmetics can also affect the metal around the stone. Make sure you are caring for the metal wiring of the stone as well as the stone itself to protect it from tarnishes and malformations.

Are you curious about Tiger Eye Gemstone? Whether you’re interested making it a custom jewelry or on its healing powers, check out our collections.

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